#1 Rated Gorilla Unbreakable Tempered Glass For Xiaomi Redmi 4A Screen Protector 4A 0.3mm by MEI SHIELD [BENDABLE] [2.5D] [Anti Glare] [Scratch Proof]

INTRODUCING SHIELD by MEI XIAOMI REDMI 4A Tempered Glass Screen Protector

INTRODUCING SHIELD by MEI XIAOMI REDMI 4A Tempered Glass Screen Protector

INTRODUCING SHIELD by MEI Screen Tempered Glass Protector Is Specially Developed To Cover And Protect The Screen Of Your Smartphone. MEI Tempered Glass Is An Anti Scratch, Clear Finish, Uv Filter Layer, Anti Finger, Anti Sunlight, Does Not Leave Any Marks Or Residue After Removing The Glass, Long Lasting.


Even At Heavy Impact The Tempered Glass Is Shatter Proof And Doesnt Damage Your Smartphone’S Screen. Retina and HD SuperAMOLED compatible high quality screen protector for your device’s screen The surface of the tempered glass has a hardness of 8-9 H and thickness is 0.33 mm, three times stronger than a regular screen protector film. Even objects such as knives and keys will not scratch tempered glass.


Ultra clear for 98% transparency: Light Penetration Ratio 93.7% as compared with usual protective film 80% Bubble Free.


The surrounding part is smooth to protect the screen from being smashed, The product is environmentally friendly. Coating of oleophobicity: anti-fingerprint, anti-oil, anti-acid and anti-alkali, Ultra-thin glass (T=0.33mm) can be treated by toughening under high temperature of 420.

Silicone Bubble-free Adhesive

High safety coefficient ( pasted with bursting disk to prevent glass crack and cullet dropping), Advanced fitting technology of anti-static silica membrane, to make convenience for the fitting and dismantling, .


XIAOMI REDMI 4A Tempered Glass Constructed in five layers; a scratch resistant surface polymer, a hardened protective mask to prevent deep cuts damaging your device and finally a patented silicone gel that creates a vacuum to securely ‘cling’ to the device screen.
ULTRA Transparency: ULTRA HD screen ensures perfect Fit with your XIAOMI REDMI 4A screen with zero impact on visual display.
Anti-Shatter(SHOCK-PROOF): If broken, the glass will break into small parts but stay in one piece, making it safer for glass screen of your XIAOMI REDMI 4A
Rounded 2.5D Edges: The round 2.5D edges of tempered glass screen protector helps deflect shock from bumps and also give your phone a luxurious look.
WATER & OIL RESISTENT: Hydrophobic Nano coating on MEI Shield Premium Tempered Glass provides superb Water & Oil repellent properties. Easy to clean performance and Anti smudge.
Specifically Designed / DEVELOPED for XIAOMI REDMI 4A